miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

A tribute to my new friends

I don’t know what can be better than perfome a dream. However, I can say what it’s absolutely worse. To finish a dream, to return at home, to leave friends in another country, there are worse things, bad sensations. I’ll be valiant and I wont forget my gratitude to a lot of people that have been really important in my travel to Istanbul. I am writing this article in English in order to it could be understood for this people that leave in Istanbul and, since I have return to Spain, in my heart. It’s a incredible thing to meet people in another country, to meet friends with you can speak about your restlessness and your sensation about your travel. I’ll remember my friend Musa form the phone booth (a great friend and an incalculable adviser), also I couldn’t forget my friend Vedat and theirs teas, or my friends from Hakikat Kitabevi.

The world could be a friend and an enemy. You cannot rely on all the people of the world, but you cannot repeal good relationships by your distrusting. It cannot be. The Hell can be at Earth but also only in ours brains. People is bad for biology but everyone get some education from their parents and their school. The education is the key for the goodness, and I think that in Istanbul I have known people with a great education and a great heart.

Despite being a victim of some people that haven’t got any good education (specially by a barber (do you remember my friend?? ;-) ) I have had the luck of meeting plenty of good persons. I think that goodness always is superior than the Hells’s arms.

The world is a melting pot of good and bad things. Despite lost my camera in my last taxi in from Hagia Sophia from my Hotel (Nazar) I have keep with my the photos’s majority. Despite have a bad experience with the barber, I have had a beautiful relationship with my friend Musa from the locutory. Despite being a little bad the hotel, I have met an incredible friend (Vedat) and theirs incredibles teas.

I love Istanbul. I think that it can be considered as a mirror where everyone can watch the diversity of our world. You can visit mosques, Santa Sofia, palaces… and also go out at night to a Taksim discoteque or to have a really good dinner. Istanbul is incredible, a dream performed, a dream that have experimented a mutation, the wish to return, to visit my new friends, to speak with the ruins of Santa Sofia, to remember the muslim’s beauty of their creations, to experiment the orgasm of be conscious of understand the World, my life, the great city of Istanbul.

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Still alive, friend o'mine??

m.gueye dijo...

hi my friend i'm verry happy to see your message in your blog .my name 's musa i'm from senegal...im really happy !!! how spain ? how your other friends ? i'm still in my call shop .bye